Misfits - Series 2 episode guide

Coming to E4 in November 2010, everyone's favourite ASBO teens return for a second series of hit comedy drama Misfits.

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Episode 1

Thursday 11th November 2010

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With Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon sill mourning the apparent death of Nathan, a mysterious masked man leads the gang to Nathan’s grave, where Kelly hears his thoughts and realises that he’s still alive. The gang dig Nathan up...

Although Nathan’s officially dead, the gang’s new probation worker Shaun gets him back into the community service system. With the gang reunited they meet Lucy, a patient on day release from a psychiatric ward to do an art therapy class at the community centre. Unbeknownst to the gang, Simon knows Lucy: he used to be a patient at the psychiatric unit too, where she had become obsessed with him.

After Simon publicly snubs Lucy, strange things start to happen around the community centre: most notably, Alisha gives Simon a blow-job. The gang soon realises that Lucy, who was also struck in the storm, has a strange power and she uses it to play them off against one another as she wreaks revenge on Simon. What follows is a bloody cat-and-mouse game of hide-and-seek as the gang hunt for Lucy around the community centre...

Unbeknownst to the gang, a mysterious masked figure follows their every move from the roof of the community centre.

Episode 2

Thursday 18th November 2010

Nathan is shocked when Jamie, a long-lost brother he never knew he had, turns up at the community centre. As Nathan and Jamie get to know each other it soon becomes clear that neither have a very good relationship with Mike, their useless father.

Taking Jamie under his wing, Nathan and the gang head off to a club where everyone takes a load of pills. But the gang soon realise that the pills reverse their super-powers: Curtis can fast-forward time, everyone who touches Alisha thinks that she’s an ugly minger, etc. In a Curtis ‘flash-forward’, he is confused to find himself on the community centre roof, dressed in a real superhero outfit, and kissing a mysterious girl…

Nathan and his brother meet a girl who can turn things to ice and vie for her affections, much to the envy of Kelly, who thought that Nathan liked her. As the night wears on the gang find themselves in a complicated set of situations and the mysterious masked man makes another timely appearance.

Episode 3

Thursday 25th November 2010

The mysterious masked man saves Alisha from a mugging on the estate. It appears he is able to touch Alisha without being affected by her powers and she is intrigued. Alisha is determined to find out more about him, but soon discovers she's out of her depth.

Meanwhile Nathan, Kelly and Simon go to a tattoo parlour, where Nathan manages to offend Vince, the tattooist and, soon after, Nathan begins to act strangely...

Episode 4

Thursday 2nd December 2010

Ollie, an environmental protester who has the power to teleport, starts his community service, but is he really destined to become part of the gang? Out on the estate the gang are confronted by super-aggressive Tim who demands money at gunpoint.

They all escape bar Kelly who is held as hostage, so the gang find themselves needing the help of the mysterious man in the mask.Meanwhile Nikki, the girl from Curtis's flash forward vision, has a heart-transplant which gives rise to some unexpected side-effects...

Episode 5

Thursday 9th December 2010

Nathan is violently killed again and he suspects that Jessica, a charity worker from the community centre, is to blame. To make matters worse, Jessica seems to have targeted Simon as her next victim so the gang decide to track her down before she can strike again.

Kelly meets Bruno who is on the run from the police. She hears his thoughts and he thinks she's beautiful. Has Kelly finally found her perfect man, or is there more to Bruno than meets the eye?

Episode 6

Thursday 16th December 2010

After the existence of super-powers is exposed to the world at large, the gang become celebrity super-heroes, known as the 'ASBO Five'. There is serious money to be made, as long as the gang can manage to handle their fame. But, as they settle in at a luxury hotel, they find their renown has made them the target of a sinister killer, who has the most bizarre power yet encountered.

Episode 7: Christmas special