Beck: ‘Gamma Ray’

Fittingly dubbed the "hillbilly from outer space" on The Larry Sanders Show, Beck returns with a new single ‘Gamma Ray’, after teaming up with genre defying producer Danger Mouse.

The co-founder of Gnarls Barkley has put his collaborations with the independent hip hop world on hold in favour of working with artists with wider appeal. The Black Keys, Martina Topley-Bird and now Beck have all been treated to the funk stylings of the man behind the fusion of Jay Z’s 'The Black Album' and The Beatles’ 'The White Album', ('The Grey Album').

Far from the gritty New York hurley burley of 'Odelay', or the sorrowful tone of much of 2002’s 'Sea Changes', ‘Gamma Ray’ sits alongside his acclaimed 'Midnight Vultures', most notably for its bubbling 60‘s inspired bassline.

Moving away from his talismanic producer Nigel Godrich has produced a fresh sound, and the plodding keyboards and surfy tone, married with Beck’s emotive voice, make for one of his most accessible recordings to date. At 38, the funkster has received his greatest success with his latest efforts 'Guero' and 'The Information', and despite a recent lack of enthusiasm from his fan base, new album 'Modern Guilt' looks to be a return to form.

Released on 11th August 2008 by XL Recordings.

Written by Carl Williams.