Coronation Street: 12th > 16th July 2010 - Episode guide

Find out what happens for the residents of Weatherfield in this week's Corrie!

Monday 12th July 2010
(Episode 7376 / 7377)

Nick visits Carla throwing down the gauntlet; George has reversed his decision, he’s got premises, work and staff. But Carla won’t go down without a fight and meeting Paul she offers to under cut Nick claiming she has builders, staff and premises lined up. Will Paul double-cross Nick? Meanwhile Leanne & Peter find themselves in an unlikely Rovers foursome with Natasha & Nick. But when talk to turns to how Nick & Leanne eloped, Natasha’s prickly. Playing her ace she reveals Leanne was on the game.

When Anna’s nephew ruins their sofa Eddie knows just the man and asks John to sell him a new sofa. John panics as his cover could be blown.

Getting the wrong end of the stick completely Graeme starts to worry that Tina’s going off him. Elsewhere, the social worker’s confused as an angry Steve & Becky demand to know why the Windasses were allocated a child first. Anna clears up the misunderstanding (it’s her nephew) as Dawn talks the McDonalds through the system.

Nick’s aghast when Paul reveals he’s decided to put his next order elsewhere - with Underworld. Storming round to Carla’s he demands to know what she’s playing at. Carla’s calm as she sets out her plan, telling Nick she warned she’d finish him. Furious Nick leaves but it’s Leanne he goes to not Natasha. Dropping a bombshell of his own Nick reveals he still loves her.

John desperately tries to put Eddie off buying a sofa but he’s not listening and when he sees he’ll meet him at the store on Monday John panics. Meanwhile Ches is suspicious when Charlotte calls round again.

When Audrey and Lewis bump into Claudia she admits she’s been trying to book him but can see Audrey got in first. Audrey’s quick to correct, Lewis is no longer an escort as they’re a couple. Claudia’s stunned. Elsewhere, Graeme’s convinced his ‘love you’ has scared Tina off.

Wednesday 14th July 2010
(Episode 7378)

At the furniture store a desperate John pretends to be a salesman as he shows the Windasses around. But when he gets hassled for help by another customer he snaps. As the manager heads over, is John’s game up? Ches is suspicious too when an angry stranger tips up at the house demanding to speak to Colin Fishwick.

Nick’s not turned up at Turners as he tries to deal with the work crisis. The girls are then stunned when Carla walks in announcing she’s the boss and they’re working for Underworld again. Meanwhile Nick’s keen to talk to Leanne but how is she feeling after his declaration of love?

Graeme’s still feeling insecure about his relationship with Tina after a chance remark fro Sean he tells her it’s over. Stunned Tina tries to talk him round. Elsewhere, Claudia attempts to warn Audrey off Lewis. Sally celebrates her birthday.

Thursday 15th July 2010
(Episode 7379)

Ches questions John about why a man called at the house asking for Colin Fishwick. John offers a weak excuse but Ches can see there’s more to it. When Fiz worries that it could have been someone from John’s new school an earwigging Ches demands to know what they mean by ‘new school’.

As a confused Tina begs Graeme to explain he eventually answers, he had to dump her before she dumped him. Opening up he concedes he’s madly in love with her but knows he’s not good enough and she’ll only break his heart.

As Carla wonders how she’ll get the Stokes order completed with no premises Nick steps in. Arguing that while she has work and staff, he has premises, he suggests they team up again. Elsewhere, Carla accepts Owen’s estimate over Bill’s.

Friday 16th July 2010
(Episode 7380 / 7381)

Fiz tries to explain her lies to Ches he refuses to approve of what they’re doing but admits he’ll always be there for her. Meanwhile Charlotte is back at the Stapes with news - Colin is coming home tomorrow! Fiz panics as a shell-shocked John wonders what to do next.

Sian and Sophie have a lovers tiff when Sophie accuses Sian of feigning stomach pains to get out of going to the school prom together. Meanwhile when Sian chats to Ryan he decides to ask her to a festival with him (he bought tickets when they were together).

David’s struggling for mates now he’s fallen out with Graeme. Elsewhere Bill and Izzy aren’t happy to see Owen start work on Underworld but Liz is pleased to be seeing more of him.

As a desperate John asks Charlotte what she’s going to do now Colin’s back she admits her loyalties are split. Charlotte collects Colin from the airport and Charlotte insists to John they talk over dinner, John fears the game is up.

Sophie’s excited about her first proper date with Sian but as she waits at school it looks like Sian’s stood her up. Meanwhile Ryan’s convinced tonight’s the night he can win Sian back and catching her at the bus stop he makes his move. But Ryan’s terrified when Sian suddenly collapses in pain.

Audrey’s fed up of running into Lewis’ ex lady friends and wonders about retiring and moving away with him. Elsewhere Cheryl has a trial for a new job but Lloyd is worried she has been in touch with Chris.

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