Hollyoaks - The original cast

As Hollyoaks celebrates its 15th anniversary, we look back at the original cast when it launched on Channel 4 as a weekly show back in October 1995.

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Natasha Andersen
(Played by Shebah Ronay, 1995-1996

The niece of Jack Osborne, glamorous Natasha was the ultimate object of Kurt Benson’s desires, but she always played hard to get. Tragedy occurred when Natasha collapsed and died during Kurt's sister Lucy's 18th birthday party after her drink was spiked with drugs by evil Rob Hawthorne.

Tony Hutchinson
(Nick Pickard, 1995-present)

The show's one original cast member, nice guy Tony has had relationships with Mandy Richardson, Jacqui McQueen, Izzy Cornwell, Cindy Cunningham and an affair with Cindy's mum Helen Cunningham. After Tony and Madny's baby daughter Grace died, Tony turned to alcohol and Mandy left him, after a fling with his brother Dom.

Jambo Bolton
(Played by Will Mellor, 1995-1998)

Best friends with Kurt and Tony, unlucky in love Jambo was unable to act on his feelings for Dawn Cunningham. When they eventually got together, Jambo's romance with Dawn was cut short when she lost her battle against leukaemia, leaving him devastated.

Dawn Cunningham
(Played by Lisa Williamson, 1995-1997)

The elder sister of Max, Jude and Cindy Cunningham, Dawn was best friends with Ruth Osborne until Ruth discovered Dawn's affair with her father Jack. After Natasha died, Dawn confessed to Jambo that at 16 she's given birth to Jack's baby, whom she gave up for adoption. Dawn died in Jambo's arms on Christmas Day 1997 after Jambo had asked Dawn to marry him.

Maddie Parker
(Played by Yasmin Bannerman, 1995-1997)

Streetwise Maddie ran Parker's restaurant. When Maddie rekindled her love for mentally ill ex Michael, he became highly obsessed with Maddie becoming his wife. After taking Maddie and her friend Jude Cunningham hostage, Michael fell to his death from a roof and Maddie left Hollyoaks village shortly after for a fresh start.

Louise Taylor
(Brett O'Brien, 1995-1996)

Responsible Lousie was a bit of a stick in the mud. After Natasha's death, she left the village to run off with a new man.

Kurt Benson
(Jeremy Edwards, 1995-1999)

The show's original bad boy, Kurt began a deadly feud with Rob Hawthorne after the death of his girlfriend Natasha, which saw Rob thrown off the roof of a car park and Rob getting Kurt's sister Lucy hooked on heroin. Kurt later moved on to Natasha's cousin, Ruth Osborne, and the pair ended up getting married. Six months after leaviing the village, following an affair with Kate Patrick, Kurt was killed in a jet ski accident.