Neighbours' weirdest storylines ever

Neighbours is known for occasional moments of randomness, but some storylines have strayed from 'a bit random' into full-on WTF territory. Last month, LastBroadcast asked you to vote for the weirdest Neighbours storyline ever - with the poll's votes all counted, here's the results!

#1: Andre Rieu's Ramsay Street concert
Violinist Andre Rieu emerges from a limo to perform exclusively for Paul and Rebecca in the middle of Ramsay Street, backed by an invisible orchestra, before being joined by several other residents ballroom dancing around the street.

#2: Bouncer's dream

Joe Mangel's dog Bouncer dreams of marrying a sheepdog called Rosie.

#3: The plane crash
Paul's son plants a bomb on a plane carrying Paul, Elle, Susan, Alex, David, Liliana and Serena, before pretending to be his non-evil twin, who is actually in a coma.

#4: Susan's amnesia
Susan slips on some milk in the kitchen and bangs her head. When she wakes up, she's convinced it's 1972 and she's 16 again.

#5: Santa flies over the street

Toadie gets Steve to dress up as Santa Claus, but Callum sees through the plan. When the neighbours gather infront of their houses to turn on their Christmas lights, however, they look up to see Santa Claus flying through the night sky above.

#6: The London cameos
Susan and Karl Kennedy bump into Michael Parkinson, Emma Bunton, Sinitta, Julian Clary and Jo Whiley while in London. Their (third) wedding ceremony then takes place on a boat on the Thames - with Neil Morrissey as the vicar.

#7: Drew's death

Libby's husband Drew falls off a horse, dies (offscreen for some reason) and has his funeral - all within the space of one episode.

#8: Zeke's cross-dressing singing

Zeke gets high on red lemonade and sings a song about it infront of Katya, Rachel and Summer - dressed in his sister's clothes.

#9: Harold's return
Harold comes back from the dead with amnesia, working for the Salvation Army, thinking he's called Ted.

#10: Audrey's big adventure

The Kennedy family dog, Audrey, journeys the entire way from Adelaide back to Melbourne, alone.

Closely behind, but missing out on the Top 10, were...

- Libby swaps heads with Fake Libby, returning to her original heads a month later after falling into a river.
- Little Britain characters Lou and Andy appear in the background of a scene in the bar.
- Carmella sings to Marco's ghost at his funeral.
- Chris Lowe from the Pet Shop Boys drives into Ramsay Street and asks Marlene and Helen where the nearest recording studio is.
- Harold dons a big curly wig and launches a pop career as 'Afro Harold'.