Jordy Lucas (Neighbours' Summer Hoyland) interview

Summer Hoyland returns to Ramsay Street as a teenager in April on Five, played by longtime Neighbours fan, 17-year-old Jordy Lucas.

Jordy was in primary school when she first started watching one of her favourite child characters Summer Hoyland on the nightly series. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe one day she would be cast as Summer! Melbourne born, Jordy’s interest in acting and performing came to fruition in high school with her joining a drama group and participating in theatre workshops. She was selected as the Victorian Female finalist in the 2008 Dolly Next Big Star competition.

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LastBroadcast caught up with Jordy to find out more about the 'new' Summer and what's coming up...

Summer Hoyland arrives onscreen in the UK in a few weeks - how has Summer changed since viewers last saw her? Why does she return?

"Summer is expelled from music school and returns to Steph to prove to her Dad that she can sort things out. She has grown up a lot, matured into a young woman, but there is a crazy, reckless side to her."

Summer was played by
Marisa Siketa between 2002 and 2007. Was it weird taking over a role that had once been played by somebody else? Did you rewatch any old episodes?

"I watched Neighbours when Marisa was in the role so I already had an idea, but I did go back over some old episodes. Also the producers gave me some pretty extensive character notes which was helpful. But it was a little weird and some pressure taking over an established role because of the expectations. But I hope viewers embrace the new parts of Summer."

The role of Declan has also recently been recast - have you worked with Erin Mullally much yet and what’s his portrayal of Declan like?

"I haven’t worked a lot with Erin yet as our characters haven’t really crossed paths, but he’s been doing a really great job. And I’ve had a chance to hang with him off screen, he is a really nice person so I hope viewers like him as well."

What was your first day on set like?

"A mix of nerves, excitement and at the same time trying to be professional and cool! I was filming on Ramsay Street so it was a bit of blur, couldn’t believe I was on the ‘Street’. Surreal!"

What's it like working with the Scullys?

"I love working with Carla [Bonner, 'Steph'] and Janet [Andrewartha, 'Lyn'], I’ve learnt so much from them. They know what it is like to be new in this environment so they can give you advice. They are like my two mums on-set. And Jacob [Brito, 'Charlie'] is just too cute for words."

What's been your funniest moment since joining the show?

"There have been heaps of funny moments. I always have a good laugh with Jordan [Smith, 'Andrew'] and Will [Moore, 'Harry']. And Matt [Werkmeister, 'Zeke'] cracks me up."

And your most embarrassing moment?

"I don’t know if I’ve had one of those yet - maybe it’s been embarrassing for the other cast and I haven’t realised it! Now I’m embarrassed..."

Have you had any memorable fan mail yet and do you get recognised much?

"I do get recognised a fair bit when I go to the shops or out with friends, which I’m still getting used to. Strange that people know me, but I don’t know them. I did get a letter the other day which made my week. A viewer said he enjoyed the show so much more now that Summer was back and I was doing a great job and that blows me away that someone would go to the trouble of writing it down. Not many people in their jobs have that so I’m very lucky."

How long do you plan to stay on the show for?

"Hopefully for a long time!"

Can you give us any hints about what's coming up for Summer?

"Love, heartbreak and some really fun stuff which I love doing."

Is there any chance we’ll see any other Hoylands return? Which family member would you most like to come back?

"I don’t really know if any of the Hoylands are returning, I haven’t heard anything, but I would love it if Izzy came back. And Max because it would be nice for Summer to show another side of herself with her father."

If you weren't playing Summer, which other Neighbours character would you like to be?

"I’d like to be Donna, because she is nuts and has a lot of fun storylines."

Apart from acting, what are your other hobbies, ambitions and interests?

"I’m pretty much your everyday, normal teenage girl who likes shopping and going out. I read a lot, I love singing and writing."

Last film you saw at the cinema:

"Avatar - amazing to look at, but way too long for me!"

Last TV show boxset you bought:


Last album you bought/downloaded:

"Pixie Lott."

Interview by Will Martin on 18th March 2010.