Amanda Fairbanks-Hynes (EastEnders: E20's Stevie) interview

The second series of the BBC's online soap EastEnders: E20 welcomes four new faces to the Square, including Amanda Fairbank-Hynes (An Education) as Stevie.

Stephanie "Stevie" Dickinson is utterly clueless when it comes to real life. Abandoned by her rich parents for travelling and eternally unlucky in love, Ash turning up looks like the answer to her prayers. The only problem is, Ash has brought three people with him.

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caught up with Amanda to find out more...

As Series 2 of E20 draws to a close, how would say Stevie has changed over the series?

“I think Stevie’s more streetwise at the end of the series, thanks to getting to know Naz, Asher and Sol. She should be a better judge of character after everything Ollie put her through and has managed to find some genuine friends she sees as her family, which is what she’s always wanted.”

Have you been getting recognised in public much?

“I think without the hot pants, sparkles and fairy wings; I look a bit different in my own clothes! When strangers do recognise me in the street, they usually think they’ve met me before. I’d love to find out the fans thoughts about the series though, so maybe it’s time to get the hot pants out again!”

Can you give us any hints about the final episode of the series? Is there closure to the group’s stories?

“The final episode is definitely the most exciting, so don’t miss it! There’s loads of suspense and drama, and even an appearance from the brilliant dance group Flawless. I think there is a certain amount of closure to the group’s stories, so hopefully the viewers will be happy with how the series ends.”

What was your favourite scene to film?

“My favourite scene was when Stevie tried to seduce Masood at the curry stall. I loved working with Nitin - he had great ideas for little comic moments and he’s very funny. It’s hard to single out the funniest memory of filming because there were so many... Maybe when Tosin and Emaa kept pretending they hated their kissing scenes!”

Have you been watching the show yourself?

“Yes! I love watching the scenes I didn’t see being filmed, like Naz scenes with her family, and Sol and Asher’s dance scenes. I think they’re brilliant.“

Have you seen the other E20 cast members much since you finished filming?

“Yes. I miss spending so much time with the guys because we were together for two weeks non-stop during filming. We all went to comedy the other night-apart from Tosin because he’s busy filming The Cut, but hopefully we’re all meeting up next week for a proper catch up.”

Last year’s E20 cast crossed over into the main show earlier this year - will you or any of the Series 2 cast be appearing in EastEnders anytime soon?

“I’m not aware of any plans for a cross over this year, but I think it would be a great idea to have a chance to develop the characters a bit more.”

Which regular EastEnders characters can you imagine Stevie hanging out with?

“Maybe she could be pals with Christian and Syed? I loved their recent storyline. I can imagine her wanting a Saturday job at the laundrette because she does love watching the clothes fly about in the washing machines.”

How do you feel about last week’s news that E20 has been recommissioned for a third series? Do you think we’ll see Stevie appear again in Series 3?

“I think it’s great news! It’s such a wonderful platform for young writers. I'm not sure if Stevie will make an appearance, but I know the writers will definitely come up with relevant, exciting characters and stories.”

What other projects have you got coming up?

“I’m in the film Monte Carlo, coming out in February 2011, and have a small part in the film One Day, coming out later in 2011.”

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Interviewed on 4th October 2010 by Will Martin.