Cleopatra Coleman (Neighbours' Glenn) Interview

Did you enjoy playing the character of Glenn Forrest? Did you get any hassle from fans because of Glenn breaking up Boyd and Janae?

Yeah, I really did enjoy playing Glenn. I must say I didn’t get much hassle as far as breaking Boyd and Janae up, I guess I was lucky that most of the people who I’ve met so far have been able to separate fantasy from reality!

What was your most memorable moment while filming?

Well, my most memorable moment just so happens to be filming the drowning scene... It was the middle of winter, and I had to jump in the Yarra river (which is a really dirty river which runs through Melbourne), plus I was quite sick at the time! They had a rope around my waist which the stunt guys positioned on the banks of the river were pulling. So I was physically being pulled under the water - and was really coughing and spluttering. No acting there! It was all real! Thank goodness the stunt guys knew what they were doing, cause I sure didn’t!

Are you still in touch with any of the cast?

Yeah, I still see them every now and then around town. I was at David Hoflin’s (Oliver) house party the other weekend! I mainly hung out with Eliza Taylor Cotter (Janae) and Kyal Marsh (Boyd), Damian Bodie (Dylan)... I suppose everyone really, but it’s usually the people you have scenes with that you get to know the best.
The biggest party animal? Well, if I told you THAT, I would obviously have to kill you! Most of the cast and crew like to go out and have a good time every now and then, after all it’s hard work!

What do you miss most about working on Neighbours?

What do I miss... I miss my lovely Eliza and my lovely friend Scooter who is the 3rd assistant director. He and I ADORE Doctor Who. Absolute fanatics! We meet up every now and then to watch it together! The only thing I don’t miss is the early starts. Oh, and trying to finish my Year 12 exams at the same time as filming! That really sucked.

Would you like to return to the show if you were asked? If Glenn could have a relationship with any character in the show, who would you choose?

I would definitely consider an offer to come back as Glenn. If I could choose ANY character... Madge!? No, I’m kidding. But something controversial like... Janae?! That would be so funny.

What do you think of the show's recent revamp?

Yeah, I’ve caught it a couple of times, I think it looks really good.

Have you ever had any memorable Neighbours fan mail or encounters with Neighbours fans?

I got sent a random DVD of some guy’s life story or something as fan mail - that was a bit odd. But most of the encounters have been quite normal. It’s usually just nice people who want to say hi, but then there’s always the odd teenage boy (or a gang of them) who love to shout things at me from across the road.

What have you been upto since leaving Neighbours? What are you working on at the moment?

Since Neighbours I’ve moved out of home, and loving that, and now I’m actually planning a big trip to London and LA in 2008. I might stay in London for a while, so watch out for me!

If you could join the cast of any TV show, which would you choose?

DOCTOR WHO!!!! Hands down, Doctor Who. Preferably with David Tennant...

Apart from acting, what are your other passions and interests?

I’ve always been a dancer, so I’m really passionate about all aspects of dance. I’m also really into script writing and directing. I got to direct a scene of Neighbours while I was there, that was AWESOME!!!

26th September 2007.

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Written by Will Martin.