Sam Clark (Neighbours' Ringo Brown) Interview

Sam Clark plays Ringo Brown, Frazer Yeats’ younger brother. Although there have been some tricky storylines for the novice young actor since he joined a year ago, he has handled them with skill.

Considering how Sam acquired his role, his professionalism is pretty impressive.

For he ‘won’ the role of Ringo in a national talent competition advertised in Dolly magazine.

“My mates encouraged me to go for it,’ says Sam, who was working in an off licence at the time.

“There were about 7,000 entrants, who had to be whittled down to just one male and one female. Not thinking I stood a chance, I made a video diary and sent it off. So I was flabbergasted when I was told I‘d even made the top ten. It was exciting but very nerve-wracking. The final audition was at the Neighbours studios with Toadie. Two days later, I was told I’d got the part. The other winner was Adelaide Kane, who plays Lolly Allen. Now that really was a case of me reaching for the stars and finding one.”

Sam moved from his home in Adelaide to film the series in Melbourne. His initial three-month contract was renewed and over a year down the line he has become a familiar face in the show.

His latest storyline involves a serious eating disorder.

“Ringo has been suffering from anorexia and is about to have a relapse,” he says. “I think guys are now going through the same insecurities and disorders as girls. They look at the amazing muscle definition on soccer stars and want to emulate them. I was equipped to deal with this issue because a close friend suffered from anorexia. It’s a shocking condition.

“The only drawback was giving it the attention it requires. Because of the limitations of storylines, it would have been impossible to continue with this subject for too long. In reality, of course, eating disorders can continue for years.”

Sam is a graduate of St Peter's College, Adelaide, where he took part in many theatre productions. As well as acting, he is interested in music. He has been singing and playing the guitar for five years and hopes one day to establish a career in the music industry.

Neighbours makes its debut on Five on Monday 11th February 2008 in its traditional slots of 1.45pm and 5.30pm every weekday.