Pippa Back (Neighbours' Elle Robinson) Interview

Pippa Black plays Lucinda Robinson, Paul’s daughter, who is a triplet. “Viewers will recognise Elle as a fairly cold, hard, fairly manipulative character,” she says. “But lately she’s shown a softer, more mature side to her personality. When her boyfriend Oliver admitted that Carmella was expecting his baby, Elle did the noble thing by stepping aside. It was a rare occasion when she decided to put someone else’s feelings before her own.

“I like it when the scriptwriters choose to show a caring side to Elle as it makes her more of an interesting person to play.”

Despite this, Elle remains as scheming as ever where her dad, Paul (Stefan Dennis) is concerned.

“She’s quite manipulative,” says Pippa. “Because she wants him to be a model dad, she tries to correct his flaws. By keeping an eye on him and his roving eye, she thinks she can make sure he stays out of trouble.”

Blonde Pippa bears an uncanny resemblance to famous Australian actress, Nicole Kidman.

“So many people ask if I’m related to her,” laughs Pippa. “I expect she gets asked the same thing about me!”

Born in Melbourne, Pippa’s role as Elle secured her a nomination for Most Popular New Female Talent at the 2006 Logie Awards.

A close friend of former Neighbours actress, Stephanie McIntosh, she has appeared in several episodes of "The Steph Show."

Her other film and TV credits include: Last Man Standing; The Secret Life of Us; The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Evil Never Dies .

Neighbours makes its debut on Five on Monday 11th February 2008 in its traditional slots of 1.45pm and 5.30pm every weekday.