Kyal Marsh (Neighbours' Boyd Hoyland) Interview

We're sad to hear that you’re leaving Neighbours later this year - how do you feel about leaving?

Very excited, I am going to miss everyone and the lifestyle I had working on Neighbours, but the excitement of starting a new life and adventure overrides the sad things.

What's the atmosphere like backstage with so many cast members departing this year?

It kinda feels like one of those youth hostels you stay at where people are always coming and going. You just start to get really friendly with someone and then BAM! They're gone, haha.

What plans do you have after finishing Neighbours?

My dad owns a building company, so I think I'll start an apprenticeship in carpentry and hopefully work alongside him. I also really want to join the army reserves.

Which cast members do you think you’ll stay in touch with?

I am hoping to stay in touch with them all, but I’ve seen from past cast members leaving it's not that simple. Depends on what happens after I leave of course. I'll have to try stay in contact with Boyd’s lovely wife (Janae) on the show and of course Boyd’s first love Sky.

What’s been your favourite storyline that Boyd was involved in?

A storyline that we’ve only just shot, which I can't say too much about. But also the schizophrenia and tumour storylines were fun.

Do you remember any scenes that were particularly fun to shoot?

I think just about every scene was fun too shoot. But some of my favourites were the Aikido training Eliza (Janae) and I got to do. Throwing each other onto the floor gave me my kicks for the day, hehe.

And any scenes that were particularly embarrassing?

Apart from wearing women’s lingerie, netball skirts, posing in front of a mirror half naked and having fake tan spread all over my back? No, not really...

Have you had any memorable fan mail or encounters with fans?

I have had a lot of strange fan mail. One from a girl who said she wanted to marry me... Guys who reckon they like watching Neighbours because of my deep voice and muscles? Haha, yes that’s right! Ben Nicholas stuck that one up on the wall at work and will never let me forget it, haha.

Which of Boyd’s girlfriends did you think he was best suited to?

Either Janae or Sky... They were both great for Boyd. I feel sorry for the girls though. He really is stupid when it comes to looking after his girls and treating them right.

You’ve been in Neighbours since you were 14, how did it feel growing up in front of millions?

You know those dreams where you're at school and all of a sudden your clothes just disappear? It kinda feels like that. Only it doesn’t seem to end!

Do you know what Boyd’s leaving storyline is yet?

Well I’m not 100% sure yet. But it looks good for Boyd, seems like he will leave on good terms and with a woman he is meant to be with. But these things are always very touch and go. Could be the complete opposite!

If you could take anything from the set as a souvenir when you leave, what would you take?

The sign from the old Coffee Shop. I miss that place, sooo much drama happened in that little shop. And maybe Toadie's lock of hair that hung in Lou’s pub.

Which other film/TV actors would you like to work with?

Russel Crowe, Eric Bana, Al Pacino... haha, all the big guns... can't really see them working with me though. Only in my dreams!

If you could join the cast of any TV show (current or past), which would you choose?

Seinfeld - and if I could become a cartoon character, The Simpsons.

12th March 2007.

Written by Will Martin.