The Palace on DVD

ITV’s hugely popular drama series, The Palace, is available to own on DVD from 17th March 2008. Exploring a fictional family in a real setting that we would love to know more about, The Palace uncovers the drama and scandal behind an extraordinary royal family.

When King James takes his very public last breath at the opera, the crown passes to his hard drinking and womanising 24-year-old son Richard, played by rising star Rupert Evans.

The Playboy Prince is immediately thrown into the role of King. The world’s media are on tenterhooks to see how the newly appointed and devilishly handsome King will react to his position of authority and power. At least he has the support of his family and loyal staff... or does he?

The Palace follows the first year of King Richard’s reign as he deals with private insecurities and public expectations. Expect beauty, youth and scandal that would look more at home in the gossip columns than the history books, as politicians, foreign dignitaries, religious leaders, a secret mistress and media intrusion are thrown into the mix.

The Palace exudes a glorious mix of British glamour and heritage as encapsulated by the wonderful Jane Asher, who is perfectly suited to her role as the Queen Charlotte. The series also stars ZOE TELFORD (Absolute Power, Marple, Teachers), SOPHIE WINKLEMAN (Peep Show, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Trial of Tony Blair), DAVID HAREWOOD (The Ruby In The Smoke, Fat Friends, The Vice ), ROY MARSDEN (Doctor Who, Rebus) and SEBASTIAN ARMESTO (The Tudors, Marie Antoinette, The Virgin Queen).

The DVD also comes with behind the scenes footage exclusive to DVD.

Put on your Sunday best and be swept away by the private world of royalty - as glamorous as it is scandalous.